Drivers avoiding filling up at motorway service stations

Drivers are filling up their tanks before travelling rather than using motorway services, a new survey has found.

The survey of over a 1000 drivers discovered that nearly all (98%) said that the cost of filling up at motorway service stations was too much. The survey also showed that 28% of drivers always fill up before going on a motorway and 5% stated that they would leave the motorway to find cheaper fuel.

In addition 27 per cent will only fill up at motorway services if they are almost out of fuel, with 84 per cent saying the high price of petrol and diesel puts them off buying anything else from motorway service stations.

The survey, by Viewsbank, comes as motorway traffic is set to increase over the school summer holiday period.

David Black of Viewsbank said: “Motorway service stations definitely provide an important service and millions of motorists use them but the research shows they are not winning many friends.

“Customers are convinced they are paying too much and only use them because they don’t have a choice.”

It’s not just fuel that is considered expensive, a recent survey of Which? members found that motorway service stations are charging around six times as much for food and drink as shops.

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